Developer: Capcom

Yoshinori Oro

Out now to buy on PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, iPhone and PC

"For me it was a Tuesday"

After a mysterious object falls from the sky, the greatest warriors from the hit Street fighter and Tekken series go head to head in the ultimate crossover battle royale.

As an avid Street Fighter and Tekken fan I must admit I was extremely excited for his game when it was coming out, unfortunately when I finally got my hands on this game I was met with disappointment, what should have been the greatest fighting game ever made was instead a broken unfinished mess.

Lets start with the roster which I think is the one of the game’s biggest strong points, they get pretty much everyone you expect from both sides including the classic Shotos (Ryu and Ken) from Street Fighter and the infamous Mishimas (Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi) from Tekken who look and play like there classic Tekken counterparts, with that said the roster still has serious flaws with some classic characters being left out in favour of some bizarre character choices, in a crossover game that celebrates the best of both franchises is a character that made unplayable cameo in one now part of the main roster over someone who was playable in said game.

There is more to discuss about with the roster, another big complaint is that out of 50 characters there is only around 16 of them who are playable, 6 of them are Tekken characters, the Tekken roster in this game is almost unplayable with only the Mishimas and a handful of others being worth learning from Pauls and Bobs horrid walk speed and combo potential to Yoshimtsu just being plain awful. One of the main draws to this game was playing as Tekken characters in Street Fighter style, Kazuya is the only character who plays even remotely like his Tekken counterpart.

The Street Fighter cast on the other hand are completely over powered compared to the Tekken cast, especially the two most basic characters in the game, Ryu and Ken, you know there is a problem when the two most basic characters in fighting game history require balancing.

The whole ‘official team’ angle is a mixed bag, some are expected (Ryu and Ken) some are cool (Bryan and Jack) some are plain stupid (Ibuki and Rolento, to the point where even the characters themselves don’t know why they teamed up) I think this Idea was cool but not well thought out, a lot of characters were teams because they couldn’t think of anyone else to team them with.

There is some good points to this game, for example the soundtrack is very enjoyable with some amazing remixes of classic Tekken and Street Fighter themes, the voice acting is exceptional apart from the English voice for Kazuya, the Tekken characters also look great in the Street Fighter style.

Unfortunately there is a lot more to hate then there is to love in this game, like the pointless game mechanics such as Pandora which is a comeback mechanic that guarantees your opponent will win, the stupid auto combos that are only there to waste meter and try to appeal to the casual crowd by simplifying the game but more importantly it allows Capcom to sell a combo editor as DLC.

This brings us to the worst thing about Street Fighter X Tekken, DLC. When you buy Street Fighter X Tekken you only gain access to 70% of the game, to ‘unlock’ the rest of the game (which is 12 characters and two extra outfits each for every character) you have to pay an extra £60, even then you still don’t get all the content on the Xbox 360 version, with PS3 getting an extra 5 characters exclusive to the game, 2 of which have nothing to do with Playstation. This is unforgivable, Capcom have seriously sank to a new low.

As I mentioned before, I am a huge Tekken and Street Fighter fan, it saddens me that this game is as bad as it is, this should have been the fighting game that sets the bar of quality, all it did was show how lazy and greedy Capcom have become.

Post 2013 patch

With the recent release of a new ver’2013 patch the game has seen a number of new changes, first things first the DLC problem remains, but now at least all the characters are at least playable now, and the game mechanics themselves now being slightly more balanced (apart from Pandora which is still a bit useless) these changes make the game more enjoyable than before, the DLC is unforgivable though and leaves a bad impact on the game.

Review by Ellis Atkinson

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