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"We tried to create a game where people felt they are connected with each other, to show the positive side of humanity in them” – Jenova Chen

In 2006 Indie game developer That Game Company was contracted by Sony computer entertainment to create three downloadable titles for the Playstation Network. The first was "Flow", released in February of 2007 went on to become the highest downloaded title of that year. The second was "Flower", released in February 2009. "Flower" gives me more enjoyment, emotion and enlightenment than any other game I had played. Until That Game Company released its third title, "Journey".

Journey sees the player taking control of a robed figure, travelling through a vast desert to a distant mountain.

The gameplay in Journey is unbelievably simple. Move, Jump and Speak. That is all you need. Left analogue stick is used for movement of the character. The right analogue stick is used to control the camera, though this can also be done by using the Playstation controller’s six-axis. This great helps the game feel like a Sony exclusive and something special, very, very few games make use of the six-axis which is a shame as it is an interesting idea to play around with. One of the most unique gameplay elements in Journey is its innovative use of Co-op. Other players from around the world can join you on your journey, one at a time. The two players can assist each through the game however; they cannot communicate in anyway not through text or over a microphone. Your name does not appear above your character, the only form of communication you share is the wordless shout the robed figure can perform.

The strongest point with Journey is its presentation. Its graphics are some of the most breathtaking I have ever seen, while technically not the greatest or highest resolution. They are simply beautiful; it is a painting that moves. This is perfectly matched with the games soundtrack. Composed by Austin Wintory, the composer worked very closely with the development team to make sure the sound felt organic, as if the score was unfolding in real time and it shows.

This leads onto the biggest point about Journey. Journey is different. Journey is an experience more than anything, the game is sadly only 2 hours long but so is a film so I do not see this as a major also in this points defence the game only cost £10. Journey is a trip worth taking, it’s a game that makes you believe sand is gold, and that snow is water. It is a game that will reduce you tears just through the power of its sheer beauty. If you are at all interested in Journey then you deserve to play it. Do not look at any gameplay footage for the game, just go and play it. It is an experience every gamer should share.

Review by Ellis Atkinson & Jarrod Beauchamp

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