Platinum Games

Atsushi Inaba

Out now to buy on PS3 and Xbox360

"Once the heaviest of chain-smokers, Jack gave it up at the request of his only daughter"

From platinum games, creators of Bayonetta, Vanquish and the original Devil May Cry comes the Wii exclusive Madworld, Anarchy Reigns. In a savage post apocalyptic wasteland Jack Cayman a broken father must track down the mysterious Max, the killer of his daughter. Simultaneously Max’s protégé Leo searches for his master with his colleagues, both men will run into vast cast of insane characters in this race through hell.

It’s hard to describe what this game is exactly, you take a third person shooter throw in a little fighting game and wrap it up in a hack n slah coat and you get the basic idea for Anarchy Reigns.

Let’s start by discussing how insane this game is, Platinum games have outdone themselves, from the roster which features characters ranging from a gun legged cat man to a boxing super pimp, to a rocket powered Muay-Thai expert. Gameplay mechanics which includes Helicopter Chainsaw Duels, Modes that include a deadly football matches with a 15 football, and enemies including a 50 foot mechanical Cthulhu.

The plot itself is pretty basic, its pretty much there so there is an excuse for the characters to fight, in a game like this though that’s not such a bad thing you buy this game for the gameplay and insanity. The story mode does have some very fun moments though such as fighting a Kraken, and some stunning cutscenes such as Jack crying alone at his daughter grave.

So how’s the actual gameplay? It’s fun, simple and very easy to pick up and play, once you’ve piledrived your first helicopter you will be hooked. After a while though you will see it can get a little repetitive with you doing the same thing pretty much all the time, but repetitiveness aside it never gets boring, there is always something going on and your always engaged in the fight.

The game controls like a typical third person action game with the typical over the shoulder view, but basic attacks are more in common with a hack n slash with light, heavy attacks and grabs. The game also features fighting game style meter management with EX attack style ‘killer weapons’ and super attack style ‘heavy killer weapons’.

With 11 multiplayer modes there is something for every kind of player, featuring a flawless netcode during even the most hectic of online matches run smoothly with next to no lag whatsoever. The game is well balanced with no single character being the best, so no worries about cheap and unfair gameplay. The 11 multiplayer modes break down into standard Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Though the game does feature some originals like Death Ball and 3 Team Capture the Flag, which ends up becoming more of a battle royale as teams just fight in the area of the flag.

Presentation is a mixed bag, the menus are pretty bland and basic except the main menu itself which is genuinely one of the coolest menu’s every put in a game and is a surprisingly a major highlight. The music is also a mixed bag ranging from a forgettable ambient score to amazingly catchy hip hop soundtrack which is so enjoyable I which I still listen to even when im not playing the game, I recommend a listen to the soundtrack on its own right.

Whilst not for everyone this game is still a fun, unique and enjoyable experience, Fans of the fighting and Hack ‘n Slash genres will definitely enjoy this game but more casual video game fans probably wont enjoy it as much, if you are at least a little interested in the game it is only £20 RRP. Pick it up its more than worth it.

Review by Ellis Atkinson & Jarrod Beauchamp

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