Chow Yun Fat, Cecilia Yip, Ho Chin, Shun Lau and Annabelle Lau

Ka-Fai Wai

Running Time:
89 mins

Out to buy on DVD 26/06/06

After slaughtering everyone that had anything to do with the death of his wife, the man simply known as the Killer (Yun Fat), turns the place were it all happen into a sanctuary called the Peace Hotel. For ten years anyone who came to the hotel would be offered his protection but he would never help them escape or solve their problems. That all changed when Shau Siu Man (Yip) comes to the hotel and brings danger with her.

Asian action superstar Chow Yun-Fat turns co-writer and brings to Western to the Far East but can he recreate what Hollywood has been doing for years in China?

After becoming an action superstar in 1986 in 'A Better Tomorrow', Chow Yun-Fat soon became the biggest star in Asian cinema that led to him been able to make whatever he liked, and the story of a killer turned protector is one that he had a real passion to make.

The story is a timeless one of revenge and redemption as our protagonist uses his murderous reputation to save the lives of anyone who comes to the Peace Hotel. Chow Yun-Fat's character, known only as the Killer, has placed the sword he used in his revenge for the death of his wife as a warning that the hotel is a sanctuary. For those entering the hotel they have to know the rules. They can never ask for help to solve their problems and the Killer will never assist them in leaving. These rules have meant that no one has dared challenge him in ten years.

This all changes when a woman, been chased by the local gang claims sanctuary and changes the dynamic of the hotel forever. Played by the excellent and playful Cecilia Yip, Shau Siu Man is a mischievous, compulsive liar who first proclaims that she is the killer's wife and then the victim of a tyrant's revenge. This is your typical man hates woman but then gets to know her and they fall in love situation and even though it might be slightly clichéd, it works for the structure of the movie.

The major problem with the film however is the appalling music. Sounding like something that has escaped from a PlayStation game, the music ruins many of the scenes, from the action to the intimate moments between the Killer and Shau Siu Man.

'Peace Hotel' is a good Far Eastern take on the classic western that just escapes from been ruined by the awful score. With good performances from Chow Yun-Fat and Cecilia Yip and some decent action scenes, this is a movie that fans of the Asian megastar will enjoy.


Presented in Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1 with Dolby Digital 2.0, the movie is presented well.




For a western release of an Asian film, the lack of bonus features is very surprising. Usually they are backed with history about the movie and interviews with the cast and crew but the complete lack of any extras is a real let down for fans of these films.


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