Jamie Kennedy, Alan Cumming, Bob Hoskins, Traylor Howard, Ben Stein, Liam Falconer, Ryan Falconer, Kal Penn and Steven Wright

Lawrence Guterman

Running Time:
86 mins

"Where is my mask!"


For centuries Loki's (Cumming) mask has been causing havoc on Earth but Norse God Odin (Hoskins) has grown tired of sorting out the mess that it has caused. So he tells his youngest son that he must receive the mask or be banished to Earth to life the mortal life. Meanwhile Tim (Kennedy) was still extremely apprehensive about having a baby but it is all his wife Tonya (Howard) can talk about. This all changes on Halloween when Tim goes to his company party with a mask that his dog found floating in the river. After partying all night, filled with the confidence and a green face, Tim returns to the loving arms of his wife. Nine months later they have a little boy named Alvey (Falconer), who starts to show same power as Tim did while wearing the mask.

Over ten years have passed since Jim Carrey donned Loki's mischievous mask and Hollywood has decided continue the story but this sequel is far from 'Smoking!'

After throwing the mask into the Edge City River at the end of the first movie, it finds itself in the Avery household and the highjinx begin all over again, or so the filmmakers would like us to believe. This is one of the worst conceived and executed sequels to hit the silver screen.

While the idea of bringing the Mask back to the big screen may have sounded like a fantastic idea, even though it was probably seven years too late, the filmmakers behind the project have completely forgotten what made the first film such a firm hit, its characters and the performances of the actors that played them. Jim Carrey might not have been the mega star he is now in 1994 but he had the screen presence and the comic talent to make The Mask such a memorable character. Now we have Jamie Kennedy in the lead role and basically, he just isn't talented enough to pull the role off. Known primarily at the movie geek from the Scream movies and for his hidden camera TV show, Kennedy has absolutely no screen presence or charisma to make you like his character in the slightest. He is truly appalling.

As for the rest of the cast, the terrible script lets down some really talented actors. Alan Cumming is a gifted character actor and has proved this in many a big and small budget film. As the mischievous Norse God Loki, you couldn't have thought of a better actor to play the role but he is seriously let down by a script that doesn't begat his talents. The same can be side about Bob Hoskins, who plays Odin. Both of these actors deserve much better than this.

As well as the appalling script, the special effects are not even as good as the first film. The computer generated Alvey is so obviously a visual effect that is makes think that computer technology has stood still or even gone backwards for people involved in the Mask universe. As effects get more and more realistic, it is extremely hard to understand how a movie like this can look so poor.

'Son of the Mask' is one of the worst sequels ever made and a repugnant film is its own right. Fans of the original will be completely repulsed by this and those of you who haven't seen the first one, don't let this pile of garbage put you off watching the original.

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The Mask

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