Franka Potente, Sean Harris, Vas Blackwood, Jeremy Sheffield, Ken Campbell, Paul Rattray and Kelly Scott

Christopher Smith

Running Time:
85 mins

Out to buy on DVD 06/06/05

"Let me out"

Falling asleep in a London Tube station waiting for a train to take her to another party, Kate (Potente) awakes to find the station deserted and completely locked up. As a train pulls into the station, she thinks that she is safe and on her way, when it suddenly comes to a grinding halt. With no sign of the driver, she starts looking for someone to help her and runs into Guy (Sheffield), who followed her from the party she had just left. Drunk, he becomes a bit too amorous but just as he is about to go too far, he is dragged off Kate and pulled under the train, screaming for his life.

UK horror films have seen a bit of a resurgence with cult successes of 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Dog Soldiers' but can 'Creep' keep the momentum going? The answer is a definite no!

'Creep' sees a return to the rot that was setting into the UK horror scene. The movie is a giant leap backwards in terms of plot, character and scares. While hits like 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Dog Soldiers' took an established genre (Zombies and Werewolves) and gave then it a very British spin, 'Creep' tries to reinvent the mutant killer but just ends up been drenched in cliché.

Back story, character development and scares are completely substandard, making the movie a complete mess, and not even a bloody one. The situation is contrived, the setting isn't scary enough (too much light) and the killer just looks cheap and not a creep. We never find out a real reason for his killing spree, other than he is the result of an experiment that went wrong and he witness a lot of grizzly killings as he grew up. The character design is also extremely poor, making him look like a 'rat boy' who wanders around making stupid noises that make rats follow him around.

The standard of the acting doesn't help either. Much of this can be blamed on the awful script that is riddled with appalling dialogue, but that doesn't excuse the performances of the actors. Chief amongst these is leading actress Franka Potente, which is surprising as she is a very good actress, as anyone who as seen 'Run Lola Run' or 'The Bourne Identity' will tell you. It seems like she is on autopilot, running on a low battery and can't be bothered to make any effort in the slightest. The same can be said about the rest of the cast who make amateur dramatics look good.

'Creep' is simply awful. Co-Funded and distributed by the UK Film Council, which is the organisation that allocates UK Lottery Funds to movies; this proves that they need to employ a much better script read before the start investing money given by the British Public.

Audio commentary from director Christopher Smith, 'Making Of' featurette, 'Production Design' featurette, 'Make-Up Design' featurette, Q&A at Frightfest, Alternative beginning with storyboar,d Alternative ending with storyboard, Alternative titles, Trailer & TV spots

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