Jason Statham, Shu Qui, Matt Schulze and François Berleand

Cory Yuen

Running Time:
91 mins

Out to buy on DVD June 2nd

Frank Martin (Statham) has three strict rules in his business. 1. Never deviate from the agreed deal 2. No Names and 3. Never open the package. This had gained him the reputation as the best transporter in the South of France. This all changes when Frank breaks the third rule with an act of kindness that could cost him his life.

This movie should make Britain's own Jason Statham the next big Hollywood action star. Those of you who have seen him in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch will already know he isn't a bad actor but in this film he reveals a talent for action that sets the screen alight.

Coming from the writer/producer Luc Besson, the man responsible for directing Léon, Joan of Arc and The Fifth Element as well as writing and producing the excellent Taxi movies and Kiss of the Dragon with Jet Li, you can expect wall to wall action and The Transporter doesn't disappoint. The film has some of the best fight scenes to come out of a non-Asian movie in a long time. There are no computer-aided martial arts here, it is all Jason taking on the bad guys in some brilliant staged fights by action choreographer turned director Cory Yuen.

Support comes in the form of the extremely beautiful Shu Qui who provides a good love interest Statham's character, as she is a girl that most men would risk their life to save and Matt Schulze is a suitably over-the-top villain you'd except from this type of movie.

Even though the action sequences are tremendous, the movie does fall down when it comes to plot and dialogue but if you go into it with your brain well and truly switched off, there is much to enjoy here.

Jason Statham is an action revelation, who could give Arnie, Bruce, Sly, Vin, The Rock and every other action star a run for their money. We have a British action star at last!

Interactive menus, Scene selection, Feature length commentary by Jason Statham and producer Steven Chasman, Making of featurette and Three extended fight scenes with optional commentary

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