Starring: Wil Johnson, Orlessa Edwards, Frank Harper and Stuart Laing

Director: Richard Parry

Running Time: 90 mins

As a shot rings out into the night sky behind a church in Brixton, we are left to ponder which of five individuals, one a bouncer, one a party organiser, one a heavy, one a drug dealer and one a banker, will be wasted. Twelve hours earlier we see how they came to be in this predicament and how this day will be monumental to them all.

From the makes of the mildly amusing Human Traffic comes what can only be described at a British attempt at a Robert Altman/P. T. Anderson movie, a character driven piece with interweaving plotlines. The problem is they fail dismally. The movie is just so dull, it is the first movie I've really wanted to walk out of and I've seen some real crap and never even considered that. There is not one character that you can even connect with or one whom you can feel sorry for. Painting London as a place that no one should ever visit, never mind live in, this is just another British movie that relies on crime and drugs for it's major plot lines and then does absolutely nothing new with them.

No excitement, no decent dialogue, no character development, nothing. This is just a really dull, painful movie.

Not Available

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