Starring: Jeff Goldblum and Elizabeth Perkins

Vocal Talents of: Tobey Maguire, Sean Hayes, Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin

Director: Lawrence Guterman

Running Time: 87 mins

Released on DVD and Video 3rd December

Professor Brody (Goldblum) is on the verge of finding a cure for Dog allergies. This would dramatically shift the balance of power towards Dogs and away from Cats. For rogue Cat leader, Mr Tinkles (Hayes) is totally unacceptable and he declares that his operatives must get hold of the formula at any cost. The dog in charge of defending the Brody household is rookie puppy Lou (Maguire), who has only just found out about the eternal struggle against the cat menace. Can he keep the formula safe from the deadly cat ninja's and undercover Russian cat spies?

Now usually I would give a kids movie the benefit of the doubt over certain things like plot and character development. As long as it keeps the kids attention and the adults mildly amused you have a hit family film on your hands. This movie however, is not the case. It is going to be a complete chore for any adult to have to sit through this. The special effects are truly awful in places, the dialogue is poorly written and it seems to be really trying just to amuse sub-five-year-olds and not even succeeding at that. Its only saving grace is the villain Mr Tickles, who has all the best lines but is not utilised enough. If you want to watch a kids movie, watch a Disney video, avoid this like the plague.

Audio commentary with Sean Hayes (Mr. Tinkles), Christopher De Faria (producer), James D. Bissell (Art Director) and Lawrence Guterman (Director), Teaching a new dog new tricks special effects featurette showing the special acting training the animals received for the production HBO first look special Dog and cat trivia game, Hilarious never before seen audition footage of Mr. Tinkles as a struggling actor before his big break in Cats & Dogs including 'Apocalypse Meow', 'C2: The Catinator', 'Furriest Gump' and 'The Sixth Scratch' Pro-dog and pro-cat Easter eggs (Hidden features), Story board to scene comparisons, Trailer, DVD ROM links to web sites, Interactive menu & Scene access

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